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What to do and what not to do during training

by Nutrewish Team
What to do and what not to do during training

Fat-Grip training (also known as Fat-Bar) has become very popular in recent years. Professional bodybuilders and strength trainers often refer to it as the "secret" of building strength and muscle and building weak links in the upper body. Until recently, the only problem was that there were very few gyms that offered thick bars or thick grip bars. But now, for about $ 40, you can buy portable rubber handles, put them in a sports bag and raise your arms and hands to the next level.

Like everyone else, the total adherence exercise can be right or wrong. It is the most important thing to remember.

As you increase the thickness of the simulator, the load on your arms and hands increases significantly. You are forced to exert more muscle strength to grab a barbell or dumbbell, which means more mechanical tension along the muscles in the entire energy chain.

Grip training can also increase your grip. Adherence is often the key to unlocking hidden benefits. A stronger grip allows you to lift more weight and actually push the stick to create more muscle and strength.

Limit weight lifting exercises

Complex exercises are the basis of a good plan, because they increase the strength of several joints. However, as every experienced athlete knows, it is easy for our joints to make climbing too tight. The oily grip will allow you to exceed that limit.

The chin is a good example. The chin formed by the fat grip can withstand the tension of the elbow through the roof, because the forearm acts on both joints, which means that the forearm is compressed to bend the elbow and bend the wrist. As they perform both tasks at the same time, the muscles are quickly overloaded, causing paralysis and tears.

Therefore, when using a thick stick, the intensity of the following exercises for the upper body should be low. Do it carefully and listen to your body.

Be part of the balanced adhesion method

Some athletes look like thick grips, which is what you need to create strength and size in another world. However, if you prioritize these attributes, you will need a generic method that contains several elements.

Sensational training: consider standing, farmer walking, grip or traction and do your best. This provides maximum strength, which facilitates the completion of all other exciting tasks.

Open palm training: The arms of these exercises cannot be completely close to the subject. This category includes training to capture fat and hold your fingers. They increase the strength of the finger to a greater extent than the compressive strength.

Resistance and metabolism exercises: The fat trimmers above are suitable for this category. They stimulate muscle growth through progressive overload and metabolic stress. If you have the best effort and strong muscle aspiration, you will be bigger and stronger.

Exercises in the exercise range: These exercises include curls on the wrist, Zotman curls and reverse curls. Most grip exercises require the athlete to simply hold the object while the wrist remains stable, but holding the wrist through a series of movements is also important to stimulate muscle growth.

Reach your goals

To get the most out of your fat training, you need to clearly understand why you use them. Are you developing a bigger forearm and a stronger arm? General development big hand? Become stronger on a big climb like traction?

Your goal will help you make the most of your fat so you don't waste time. It also does not allow you to resort to the "abandon everything, hope for the best" approach.

Take the oil with a barbell

Dumbbells with dumbbells are ideal for supporting your spine muscles and making thicker armor, so you can support more weight with squats and traction. When in the inclined position, the back increases significantly in time due to stress and therefore increases in longer repetitions.

As the repetition increases, the weight should decrease. So, to keep your opponent in high demand, use a thick bar or handle and run to see which tire is first: your handle or your back.

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by Nutrewish Team